The Magic of Beginnings: Happy New Year from OrthoNu

The holiday season and the anticipation of what’s to come in the new year is always magical. It’s a time to enjoy the lights, celebrate with friends and family, and to reflect.

For me, I find myself counting my gratitude. At the top of my list this year is all the support and encouragement I’ve received from colleagues and partners as I’ve worked to launch OrthoNu this past fall. I’m also proud of all the people, families, and orthodontists that OrthoNu can help during the braces and aligners journey, as family was a big driver for me becoming an orthodontist.

As a young girl, I was in a terrible car crash that broke my teeth, facial bones, and jaw that resulted in a life-long need for dental procedures and a great attention to oral health. While I was very lucky to have an expert care team, my Georgian immigrant parents experienced a great feeling of helplessness that has stayed with me my entire life. I developed OrthoNu and created Tweakz® for many reasons, but my drive for creating oral health self-care solutions for patients originates from the strength and perseverance instilled in me by watching my parents during this time.

My deepest wish with OrthoNu is for patients and their families to have the tools and resources they need to independently address the most common orthodontic emergencies. By putting the best tools possible in the patient’s hand, I feel honored to empower others to take back some of the time, stress, and feeling of helplessness that often comes with those emergencies.

And we’re just getting started with OrthoNu. We have a lot of exciting research ongoing and an extensive pipeline of scientifically backed products on the horizon. Our team is excited to share more with you in the coming year.

For now, my gift to you is a list of my favorite, orthodontist-approved things that are sure to make you, your friends, and family smile brightly into the new year!

  1. Lip Balm & Scrub: What better way to protect your smile from dry winter air than a soothing lip balm or moisturizing lip scrub? Gift your favorite brand to friends and family so they can treat themselves and show off their smiles this season.
  2. Truffle Oil: Is there anything more luxurious than truffle fries? Truffle fries with parmesan are the OrthoNu team’s go-to treat to celebrate any occasion. Truffle oil is so special and would make a perfect hostess gift for any party.
  3. Indoor Plants: Research has shown that being around plants relieve stress, increases productivity, and boosts creativity. That’s enough to make anyone smile!
  4. Giving to Others: Cancer research and prevention is a cause close to my heart, so some of the most meaningful gifts to me are donations to the American Cancer Society or other nonprofits making an impact for patients. Show you care by sharing with others!
  5. Tweakz: Of course, for the person in your life who’s embracing orthodontics, our hero products Tweakz® for Braces and Tweakz® for Aligners are a must have to handle minor issues on their own without disruptive visits to the orthodontist. You can purchase Tweakz now by clicking here.

From all of us at OrthoNu, we wish you oral health and happiness in the new year. We’ve had an exciting 2022, setting the stage for a new era in orthodontics—and we’re looking forward to continuing our amazing journey with you in 2023!

You Got This!