Get ready for great newz!

Over the years, as a practicing orthodontist I have had many reasons to think about this amazing field and how it has evolved. We have imaging that helps us diagnose better, brackets and aligner systems that are more comfortable, and ways to connect with our patients that build better relationships and attract new patients. That’s only a small fraction of all of the modern tools at our fingertips. My connection with orthodontics goes back even farther than my professional connection. I had braces as a young teen, after a car accident. Extensive oral surgery and orthodontics would have been a scary and challenging time if it hadn’t been for an orthodontist who provided emotional and clinical support. OrthoNu grew out of my childhood memories mixed with my professional experience. I wanted to create products to support all orthodontic patients through their orthodontic journey — to make it more convenient, less, scary, and even healthier. 

You have all been seeing my posts about Tweakz for Braces and Tweakz for Aligners. These tools help patients with everyday emergencies and daily chores, like putting on elastics and taking off aligners, clipping a broken wire, and filing a rough area that could cause a sore. 

Now, I am so thrilled to announce new products — innovations to the orthodontic world, that will bring comfort and health to patients of all ages in braces or aligners.

OrthoNu is here to transform your orthodontic care experience with

Check out the website for more detailed information on these products and how you can get them for your office or home.  

To my dear colleagues and patients, I am delighted to bring you all of these new products. We always say, with Tweakz, we are reinventing the goodie bag —  and with these new products, there is even more to give your patients to keep them comfortable and promote oral health during their orthodontic treatment. You can create beautiful smiles for your patients and keep them smiling all throughout treatment! 

That’s what’s new at OrthoNu!