Oral Relief Kitz™

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Embrace comfort with OrthoNu’s Oral Relief Kitz™, a suite of orthodontist-designed products like Chillin’ Strips™, Comfort Tape™, mouth-aid™, and OrthoChewz™ to soothe braces and aligner discomforts.



OrthoNu: Innovating Orthodontic Care

Welcome to OrthoNu, where we specialize in oral self-care for orthodontics, introducing a groundbreaking range of products for emergency care, oral health, and aesthetics. Our new Oral Relief Kitz™ offers essential orthocare products, designed by orthodontists, to alleviate common issues faced by brace and aligner wearers.

Introducing Our New Products:

  1. Chillin’ Strips™: Experience relief with these unique strips that soothe irritated gums and sensitive enamel, perfect for those with braces or aligners. They’re easy to use, dissolve in your mouth, and are safe even under mouth guards. Enjoy their long-lasting, tasty soothing effect.
  2. Comfort Tape™: Instantly ease discomfort with Comfort Tape, specifically crafted for teeth and gum relief from braces and aligners. Its natural ingredients provide long-lasting comfort.
  3. mouth-aid™: Combat mouth sores and irritation with mouth-aid, the go-to solution for discomfort from orthodontic wear. It’s gentle on the mouth and can be used as often as needed for soothing relief.
  4. OrthoChewz™: Try the first-ever dissolvable chew, offering a clean and effective alternative to silicone chews. OrthoChewz not only relieve discomfort and dry mouth but also dissolve to maintain oral health, with a refreshing icy mint flavor.

Complete Your Orthodontic Care: Our Oral Relief Collections provide a comprehensive solution to orthodontic discomfort. Along with Tweakz, our professional-grade tools, these products ensure optimal care and comfort between orthodontic visits. Get the complete experience for healthier, happier smiles with OrthoNu.

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