Embrace the Future of Orthodontic Care with OrthoNu- introducing the Ortho Relief Kitz

Welcome to OrthoNu, your go-to for specialized oral self-care in orthodontics. Discover our innovative Oral Relief Kitz™, featuring products like Chillin’ Strips™ for soothing gums and teeth, Comfort Tape™ for instant discomfort relief, mouth-aid™ for combating irritation, and OrthoChewz™, a dissolvable chew that refreshes and maintains oral health. Each product is expertly designed to address the specific challenges faced by brace and aligner wearers.

Tweakz® for Braces & Aligners

Wires that poke and hurt. Stuck food threatening a cavity. The painful “snap” of the rubber band that becomes a deterrent to consistent patient use. You know what we’re talking about.

85% of orthodontic patients will experience an urgent oral care issue during treatment–but with the professional-grade Tweakz self-care line, emergencies can be handled in between orthodontic visits.


Take a moment to chill with Chillin’ Strips™!

Chillin’ Strips™ are the first product of their kind, infused with ingredients that soothe irritated gums and comfort sensitive enamel. This scientifically formulated solution provides relief for both young people and adults who wear braces or aligners—and they taste great, too! Click below to either BUY NOW or SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE with Chillin’ Strips™!

Introducing OrthoChewz™, the first-ever dissolvable chew!

Unlike traditional silicone chews, OrthoChewz™ are crafted with beneficial ingredients that promote a healthy mouth. They relieve discomfort and dry mouth effectively. Just chill, chew, and soothe for up to 5 minutes or more, with effects that last for over an hour as they dissolve in your mouth. Click below to either BUY NOW or SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE with OrthoChewz™!

Experience instant comfort for your teeth and gums with Comfort Tape™!

Comfort Tape™ quickly soothes achy teeth and sore gums caused by braces and aligners. Click below to either BUY NOW or SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE with Comfort Tape™!

Are mouth sores and discomfort from your orthodontic treatment making you feel irritated? Discover the relief of Mouth-aid™!

Mouth-aid™ is a breakthrough formulation specifically designed to alleviate discomfort associated with wearing aligners and braces. It’s the first of its kind, offering a soothing solution for any mouth irritation. Safe for use with both braces and aligners, you can apply Mouth-aid™ as often as necessary. Click below to either BUY NOW or SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE with Mouth-aid™!