At OrthoNu, we're excited to offer a wholesale opportunity for dental practices. We've crafted a collection of oral self-care products tailored for orthodontic needs, focusing on emergency care and daily oral health and aesthetics. Our Oral Relief Kitz™ is designed by orthodontists to address and alleviate the typical discomforts experienced by patients with braces and aligners. Wholesale Offer for Healthcare Professionals: Embrace comfort with OrthoNu’s Oral Relief Kitz™, a suite of orthodontist-designed products including Chillin’ Strips™, Comfort Tape™, mouth-aid™, and OrthoChewz™, designed to soothe braces and aligner discomforts. OrthoNu provides these in bulk quantities of 40, 80, and 120 packs, offering a versatile assortment of our four innovative products, or you can simply buy the specific item you need. We have tailored our products to meet the comprehensive needs of orthodontic care.