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Introducing the OrthoNu Collection: a curated suite of orthodontic care essentials designed for unparalleled comfort and oral health. We proudly present this as a ‘collection’ because it offers a comprehensive approach to orthodontic care by including one Tweakz® toolkit of your choice—either for braces or aligners—alongside our four innovative packs. Each product is a testament to OrthoNu’s commitment to emergency care, oral health, and aesthetics in orthodontics.


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Introducing the Curated Collection by OrthoNu: Your Comprehensive Orthodontic Care Suite

Explore the Curated Collection from OrthoNu, a meticulously selected set of orthodontic care essentials engineered for superior comfort and optimal oral health. This “collection” is more than just a group of products; it’s a complete orthodontic care system that includes your choice of a Tweakz® toolkit—specially designed for either braces or aligners—accompanied by four innovative product packs. Each item in the collection embodies OrthoNu’s commitment to emergency care, oral health, and aesthetic improvements in orthodontic treatments.

What’s Included in the Curated Collection:

  • Chillin’ Strips™: Experience groundbreaking relief with these unique strips that soothe gum irritation and sensitive teeth, comfortably dissolving in your mouth and effective for up to two hours.
  • Comfort Tape™: Instantly ease the discomfort of braces or aligners with our naturally formulated tape, providing relief for up to one hour.
  • Mouth-aid™: Address mouth sores and discomfort with our distinctive formula, offering protective and soothing relief for the soft tissues in your mouth, effective for up to an hour.
  • OrthoChewz™: Move beyond traditional silicone chews with OrthoChewz. These innovative chews deliver beneficial ingredients that enhance oral health, complete with a refreshing icy mint flavor that persists as the chew dissolves.

Choose Your Ideal Tweakz® Toolkit:

  • Tweakz® for Braces: Tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals with braces, this toolkit effortlessly manages emergency situations such as sharp wires and dislodged brackets.
  • Tweakz® for Aligners: Specifically for users of aligners, this kit contains tools essential for removing food particles and smoothing any rough spots on composite attachments or aligners.

Each Tweakz® toolkit is a US FDA Class 1 exempt medical device, thoughtfully packaged in a robust case with a convenient mirror.

Special Bulk Ordering Options:

  • Order in quantities of 25 or 50 to meet the needs of your practice or retail environment. With an order of 50 units, enjoy a more substantial discount, making it an excellent choice for larger setups or for stocking up on essential supplies.

Choose the Curated Collection from OrthoNu for a thorough orthodontic care experience that merges cutting-edge product innovation with the practical benefits of Tweakz® toolkits. Together, they ensure a smooth, comfortable, and confident journey through your orthodontic treatment.

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Tweakz® for Braces, Tweakz® for Aligners


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