OrthoNu Camp Collection

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The OrthoNu Complete Camp Collection offers a versatile orthodontic care package with product variations to choose from: either Tweakz® for braces, Tweakz® for aligners, or both, along with Chillin’ Strips™, Comfort Tape™, mouth-aid™, and OrthoChewz™. This customizable kit provides comprehensive oral health and comfort solutions, ideal for campers with different orthodontic needs.


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Introducing the OrthoNu Complete Camp Collection: a curated suite of orthodontic care essentials designed for unparalleled comfort and oral health. We proudly present this as a ‘collection’ because it offers a comprehensive approach to orthodontic care by including one Tweakz® toolkit of your choice—either for braces or aligners—alongside our four innovative packs. Each product is a testament to OrthoNu’s commitment to emergency care, oral health, and aesthetics in orthodontics.

The OrthoNu Complete Camp Collection includes:

Chillin’ Strips™: Experience the first-of-its-kind relief with strips that soothe gum irritation and sensitive teeth, dissolving comfortably in the mouth for up to two hours.

Comfort Tape™: Provide instant solace for your teeth and gums against the discomfort of braces and aligners, with a natural formulation that works up to an hour.

mouth-aid™: Combat mouth sores and discomfort with a unique formulation that offers protective and soothing relief for the soft tissues in your mouth, effective for up to an hour.

OrthoChewz™: Say goodbye to traditional silicone chews. OrthoChewz deliver beneficial ingredients to maintain oral health, with a refreshing icy mint flavor that lasts as the chew dissolves.

Select your ideal Tweakz® or Both:

Tweakz® for Braces: This toolkit accommodates the needs of braces wearers, helping manage emergencies like sharp wires and dislodged brackets with ease.

Tweakz® for Aligners: Tailored for aligner users, this kit includes tools to remove food particles and smooth out any rough spots on composite attachments or aligners.

Each Tweakz® is a US FDA Class 1 exempt medical device, arriving in a sturdy case complete with a mirror for convenience.

Choose the OrthoNu Complete Camp Collection for a complete orthodontic care experience, harmonizing the science-driven innovation of our packs with the practical utility of Tweakz®. Together, they ensure a smooth, comfortable, and confident orthodontic journey.

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Tweakz® for Braces, Tweakz® for Aligners, Tweakz® for Braces + Aligners

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