Embrace the Future of Orthodontic Care with OrthoNu & Teledentistry.com

OrthoNu is excited to announce our partnership with Teledentistry.com, a leading platform in virtual dental consultations. This collaboration represents our commitment to enhancing your orthodontic care experience by integrating cutting-edge teledentistry services with our innovative self-care orthodontic products.

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Tweakz® for Braces & Aligners

Wires that poke and hurt. Stuck food threatening a cavity. The painful “snap” of the rubber band that becomes a deterrent to consistent patient use. You know what we’re talking about.

85% of orthodontic patients will experience an urgent oral care issue during treatment–but with the professional-grade Tweakz self-care line, emergencies can be handled in between orthodontic visits.

OrthoNu® products are dynamic, science-driven professional-grade tools designed to address issues within the challenging oral care environment where patients are in a constant inflammatory state making it a challenge to maintain comfort and oral hygiene.


The OrthoNu Difference

At OrthoNu, we provide state-of-the-art self-care tools designed for the modern orthodontic patient. Our products, including tweaks for braces and aligners, empower you to manage minor adjustments and maintain your treatment progress between professional consultations. Partnering with Teledentistry.com enhances this mission by offering immediate access to professional guidance when it’s needed most.

Innovative Self-Care Products

Explore our range of solutions tailored to your orthodontic treatment needs.

Complementary to Virtual Care

Our products work hand-in-hand with Teledentistry.com’s services, offering a guided comprehensive approach to orthodontic care.

Enhanced Orthodontic Care at Your Fingertips

Our collaboration with Teledentistry.com signifies a leap forward in orthodontic care, providing an enriched patient experience through seamless access to professional advice and high-quality self-care products. Together, we ensure that your path to a perfect smile is supported by expert care and innovative solutions every step of the way.

Take the Next Step in Your Orthodontic Journey

Ready to leverage the combined power of OrthoNu and Teledentistry.com for your orthodontic care? Begin by exploring our emergency orthodontic services for immediate assistance or browse our products to find the perfect self-care solution for your needs.

Emergency Orthodontic Services

Access Teledentistry’s around-the-clock emergency care for quick and expert assistance.

OrthoNu Self-Care Products

Enhance your treatment with our bespoke orthodontic solutions.

Together, OrthoNu and Teledentistry.com are setting new standards in accessible, comprehensive, and empowering orthodontic care. Join us on this journey to a healthier, more beautiful smile, all from the comfort and convenience of your home.