Navigating the Summer Rush: Tips for Orthodontists and Patients

Summer is a popular time for new patients and families to schedule appointments for orthodontic treatment. Without the added stress of schoolwork, sports and extracurricular activities – and time to adjust to the sensation of braces or aligners – many orthodontic practices see an influx of new patients as soon as the school year ends.

As we prepare for the “summer wave” of new starts, orthodontists encounter unique challenges in their practices, and it’s essential to acknowledge and address these issues effectively:

  • Staffing Issues: Meeting the increased demand during the summer can be a daunting task for orthodontic practices. Finding quality help can be challenging and relying on temporary staff can create inefficiencies within the office.
  • Extended Hours: With more new starts during the summer, extending office hours may be necessary to accommodate the increased demand.
  • Summer Vacation Constraints: Like many parents, orthodontists may find it difficult to take vacations during the summer when their own children are out of school. Balancing personal and professional commitments requires careful planning and coordination.

For new patients and parents, some of the challenges that can arise during summer break include:

  • Support during Vacations: The start of orthodontic treatment may coincide with family vacations. Ensuring that patients and caregivers have access to support and guidance, particularly during emergencies, becomes paramount so that they can address any problems that arise while away from proximity to their primary orthodontist.
  • Work-Life Balance: The summer is a particularly difficult time for parents to balance work commitments and care for their children who are not in school. Attending orthodontic appointments, especially for emergencies, can add an extra layer of difficulty.
  • Ortho Emergencies at Camp: Many braces and aligner emergencies occur while children are away at summer camp, making it difficult for them to get to their orthodontist to address problems and receive necessary care in a timely manner.

The Nu Essential in Oral Self-Care

As orthodontists and parents ourselves, we were very familiar with the challenges outlined above. In fact, 85% of patients experience an urgent issue during the course of care. The average practice experiences 8-10 costly emergency visits every day and those emergency visits can be costly, with each one costing the office $100 on average.

We knew there had to be a better way for both patients and practices. Recognizing this unmet need, the idea for Tweakz was born. By giving patients a tool that allows them to manage their comfort and common problems on their own, we created a new standard for self-care that improves the patient experience. By adding Tweakz to your patient’s goody bags, you’ll be sending them home with a tool as essential as a toothbrush.

Tweakz also supports practice efficiencies by reducing the amount of emergency visits. Fewer emergency visits results in reduced operating hours and decreased temporary staffing requirements.

Get Tweakz-ing

Tweakz are available for braces and aligners and come in a convenient travel case that can be customized with your logo. If you’re interested in seeing how much you can save with Tweakz, check out our ROI calculator. To register as a professional and receive wholesale discounts, set up an account here.

Our mission is to ensure every orthodontist and dental professional has access to tools that will enable them to meet the growing needs of patients. You got this!