What’s Nu: Setting the Stage for a New Era in Orthodontics

OrthoPreneurs Summit in Austin, TX 2022It’s that time of year – apple picking, the leaves on trees changing colors, and let’s not forget all that Halloween candy! As we fall into October, let’s also remember that it is National Orthodontic Health Month and the perfect time to show patients ways they can protect braces, aligners and other orthodontic appliances while protecting teeth from decay.

It’s been an exciting time for OrthoNu as we officially introduced our company to support orthodontists in improving their patients’ experience and celebrated the unveiling of our hero products, Tweakz® for Braces and Tweakz® for Aligners at the OrthoPreneurs Summit in Austin, TX last month.

Catching up with many colleagues and peers was energizing and I continue to reflect on the seismic changes taking place in the orthodontic industry. There are new advances reshaping what is possible in our profession as practices experience an ever-increasing number of patients, higher demand for telehealth options and continued disruption due to emergency visits.

Hearing this feedback echoes the exact reasons I founded OrthoNu: to look beyond the status quo to improve the patient experience in our offices and at home. I believe there is a better way to stay ahead of the needs of patients while creating new efficiencies, which drove me to develop our flagship and hero product, Tweakz. The conversations I’ve had underscore how OrthoNu and our expanding pipeline will not only address unmet needs in the industry but change the standard of care for orthodontics.

Below are my key takeaways from the OP Summit on how the industry is growing, how patient demand is changing with it and the solutions we’re advancing to meet the moment.

  1. Patient demand for orthodontics is increasing – and with it, so are emergency visits, causing frustration for patients and orthodontists alike
    As an orthodontist for over a decade, I’ve found this to be increasingly true the past few years and it’s a core reason I founded OrthoNu. More patients than ever before are seeking orthodontic care but solutions for the most common orthodontic emergencies have not kept pace with the new demand from patients. There is a new trend of more patients, from children to adults, getting braces and aligners – and in fact, the orthodontic industry is expected to triple in size by 2028, which redefines practice and patient needs. To change the status quo, we’ve designed OrthoNu’s line of products to focus on emergency care, oral hygiene, oral aesthetics, and oral health, reducing the massive impact of emergency visits and elevating the patient experience throughout treatment.
  2. The entire field is advancing, from major technology breakthroughs such as clear aligners, self-adjusting braces, and 3-D digital imaging
    New shifts and changes are happening at an incredible rate in the orthodontics industry. There are new aligner companies, increased applications for artificial intelligence and machine learning and more sophisticated tools at our disposal. I firmly believe we need to stay ahead of the curve and continue innovating, and for our part, OrthoNu is committed to advancing the science of oral health, which has a significant role in improving overall health. We are proud to collaborate with University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Innovation & Precision Dentistry (CiPD) to not only ensure our products are scientifically driven and of the highest quality but also advance oral health science and identify how we can improve patient experience, outcomes, and overall health.
  3. Telehealth and remote options are becoming the norm and self-care solutions are in high demand
    Telehealth and remote healthcare have become increasingly popular in past years, and the pandemic and increased remote work have only driven up demand. Scientifically backed self-care solutions will have a huge impact on the industry as it grows. 85 percent of orthodontic patients will experience an urgent oral care issue during treatment, but with our professional-grade Tweakz self-care line, emergencies can be handled in between orthodontic visits. Tweakz complement telehealth capabilities now available to us and can result in fewer unplanned appointments to address emergencies, which lowers stress, reduces the use of resources and chairs in-office, and frees up significant time to see additional patients.

It’s an exciting time for both the industry and OrthoNu as we look forward to the future. Our products – designed by an Orthodontist for other Orthodontists – are creating a new category of self-care tools, driven by science and based on the professional tools that we know and trust. We start with Tweakz, which you can pre-order now to be a part of the official product launch in November. And, we have an extensive pipeline of scientifically driven products to follow. The future is bright.

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